About Ziba Tejarat Naghshineh

We are established in 2009, but with more than a decade of expertise!

After years of experience in the Flexo and Rotogravure printing industry, we decided to put together a highly specialized collection.

The main field of activity of this collection is related to design, before printing.These products are mostly used in the food industry, product packaging and products made of Opp cellophane, shell, metallized, polyethylene and foil.


Why Ziba Tejarat Naghshineh?

You’ve probably noticed that the packaging of some products isn’t of good quality or doesn’t have the right design. Implementing and designing product packaging is a specialty. The process of preparing a file for printing on a cover requires a lot of experience. Ensuring the final output is done according to the design and monitoring product printing is very important. In Ziba Tejarat Naghshineh, we will monitor all the steps carefully.

Activities and Services

Packaging wrapping design
Design a graphic file as a suggested sample for customer selection
Before printing
Preparing a designed file to create a cliché or cylinder that fits the type of print
Flexo printing
Printing on Rotographer Printing (Helio)
Rotographer Printing (Helio)
Printing on packaging envelops with Cylinder technology envelopes with stereotype technology
Printing on foil
Printing on aluminum
Printing advertisement bags
Products with Nylon
Punch services
Final cut of printed aluminum for use in the product
Envelope making
Envelope making services for printed wrappers

Art means you have to make something out of nothing

Ralph Lauren

Projects delivered
Problems Solved
Flexo Project

The effect of machines on Flexo and Rotogravur printing

Large companies are involved in the production ofFlexo and Rotogravur printing machines. One of the main differences between these machines is the width of the machine and the number of colors. In Flexo printing machines, the variety of Slive allows for high-grade Tram printing, and along with the technology of making stereotypes, you can get close to the quality of Rotogravur printing.

The rotor machines in the Dpi section (the number of dots per inch) have a higher number than the Flexo machine, which will eventually lead to a clearer print.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of printing with Flexo machines
  • Advantages and disadvantages of printing with Rotogravur machines
  • Know more!

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